Pleiadian Initiations of Light

This is a powerful work that allows you to discover the way back to the Self (your Higher Self), through the awakening of the heart. It was channeled by Christine Day at the request of the Pleiadians, our “Elder Siblings”, to help people align themselves with their own Light. In this work you are your own agent of healing. It contains simple and effective tools directly from the Pleiadians : a sequence of Initiations of Light, that will allow you to transform, in a unique journey, your own journey, of unlimited healing and liberation. There is nothing that you need to do, just to give your permission, breathe/let go and follow your inner guidance!

This is a powerful work that permits an alignment with the Self, the Higher Self, through the awakening of the heart, which is the space where the Sacred resides in us. Sacred here has no religious context, it is related to what is most pure in us, our Essence, the Divine, the Imponderable in us, whatever definition of Divine you may choose to adopt. This work can be done by people of any religion, or without any, since it is not part of any religion.

Christine Day is an Australian who had a very traumatic childhood and was not religious. Diagnosed with lupus erythematosus at the age of 31, with a prognosis of just a few months to live, she had an insight that she had created that disease herself in order to die. She immediately knew that if she had that power she also had the power to heal. She felt that she would need to do everything differently, without understanding what that really meant. She left the hospital and started her journey of self-healing and self-knowledge, her awakening.

Later on, after a fantastic encounter with the Pleiadians, Beings of Light and Love from the star cluster in our galaxy called the Pleiades, she remembered that she is a Pleiadian incarnated on Earth, and her life changed radically. Today, almost 34 years later, Christine has already channeled 2 complete healing systems transmitted by the Pleiadians, Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance, 3 books with amazing processes of self-transformation and awakening, and several processes and workshops using sacred geometry, brought by these loving Beings from the Pleiades, kind of our “Elder Siblings”, more advanced than us, who are assisting us in our personal and planetary evolution

This work, Pleiadian Initiations of Light, was channeled by Christine at the request of the Pleiadians to help people align themselves with their own Light, thus discovering the way back to Self (Higher/Imponderable Self). In this work we are our own healing agent. This is the process of awakening. One of its natural byproducts is our personal empowerment. Through this process we anchor our own Light, which enable us to play our destiny role in the enormous transformation that is taking place on the planet today.

This course contains simple and effective tools directly from the Pleiadians: a sequence of Initiations of Light, which will allow you to transform, in a unique journey, your own journey, back to your Self. This is a resurrection journey of unlimited healing and liberation.

“When you take action and start this awakening, you begin to take your place in life more fully.”

Our planet today is within a limited level of consciousness: there is a strong social belief in our deficiencies, in what we lack. This generates a deep fear and powerful struggles within us and in societies, a tiredness. You have the illusion of being alone, separate, unaware of the “magnificence of your individual uniqueness within the Universe”. The belief that time exists is one of the greatest illusions of our time, creating great limitations on reality. This work will enable you to expand your consciousness on several levels, you will begin to perceive the nonphysical energies around you, you will feel that you are not alone, and you will be able to begin to open up to receive the support that is at your disposal right here right now. You will begin to be able to receive the intuitive guidance that comes from your Self through a connection with your heart, your sacred space. You will be able to choose to flow with that guidance and experience your place within the Universal Consciousness, such that you will be able to experience a strong sense of purpose, of being in love with life, a sense of freedom and a profound experience of love. You will be able to choose to become nurtured by this love and to open up to all living beings. You will be able to move into a state of unconditional love, remember your place in Universal Consciousness and to connect with your unlimited potential to create.

This work was designed to awaken and open you to this awareness and to put you in direct connection with the Self, your Divine/Imponderable Self, the Higher Self. You just need to trust, let go, and to follow your intuitive guidance. An energetic platform supported by the Pleiadians will be created for each participant, as you take your next step throughout the whole course. It is your choice, at each class, at each moment, to open up, giving your permission for the work to happen. The Pleiadians respect each of you and your right to choose, moment by moment. You can call the Pleiadians at any time, they will be committed to help you remember who you really are in the unlimited state of your Higher Self. If you wish, you can open to have direct communication with the Pleiadians and the Higher Realms. Christine Day, the Pleiadians and I, Eliah de Maria, will be with you as you take each step initiating yourself into your own Light, you will not be alone on this journey, there are many walking this path. All you need to do is breathe, let go and open up to the processes of this course.

As we awaken, our state of consciousness changes and we start to have a new vibration in our cells. This new frequency of love flows naturally within us and through us, affecting all people and other living beings around us. You have chosen to be here incarnate at this time and you have a mission to accomplish. It is a privilege to be here now and your energy is needed in this planetary transition, before, during and after this process.

“You are unique. There is only one version of you ”. Your energy is needed at this time of planetary transition.

There will be a collective resurrection on Earth, a new level of love will be anchored, opening people’s hearts, activating a process of self-realization, connection with the Universal Consciousness and with the divine aspect of the Unity of each one. “It is important that you are more aware of the role that you are playing here now”.

“It is important to be part of a community, which can be composed of two or more people committed to their awakening journeys, willing to witness the birth of one another, allowing each person to be everything that he/she needs to be in each moment, and witnessing the letting go of the old structures of the self, supporting a new Awakened Self.”

During this course we will do exercises to gradually remove the barriers that exist in your heart so that you can receive from the Universe and receive your own Light, anchoring your Self in your biophysical-energetic system. You need to allow yourself to receive, to open up, or you will self-sabotage yourself continuously. Advance through the doors that open, do not hesitate, trust, breathe and release! The rational mind in general does not cooperate with these changes and after a while disqualifies the experiences, tending to forget them. It is necessary to feel the fear, to accept that aspect of your humanity, and to go ahead anyway. The best way to do this is to go towards your feelings, stay connected with your heart and breath consciously. When you start to open up and ask for help the help will come, be specific in your requests!

As you align with your heart in each of the Initiations you will be aligning with the energy of true love present in your heart. It is Love that heals and initiates the process of self-healing. You are the agent of your own healing. It is time to start healing the wounds that you carry in your heart so that you can move forward in your life. Be patient and compassionate with yourself during this journey. With each class, each Initiation, you will align with the Higher Realms, with the Pleiadians and with the Forces of Nature. This will help you to anchor your Self, step by step, expanding your consciousness, to life and truth. As you expand you will be able to gradually work with a new level of expansion in the next class. There are no limits to the energies of your Divine Self that you can anchor and to how much you can expand your consciousness with each class, this is an unlimited journey.

The Course Pleiadian Initiations of Light:

The course Pleiadian Initiations of Light is a journey back to the Self, to the Higher/Imponderable Self, of self-healing and self-transformation, in which you align yourself with your own Light. A journey in which you can choose to open up to all the support that is available to you and to start receiving from the Universe. One of the natural results is to recover your personal power. We will do exercises to remove the blockages that exist in your heart, step-by-step, helping to heal emotional pain, enabling you to open up to life and the Truth. With each Initiation you will anchor an energetic level that will allow you to gradually work with higher level energetics. There is nothing you need to do, just to give your permission, breathe/let go and to follow your inner guidance.

This is a course with 12 classes, each corresponding to one chapter of the book containing the Initiations of Light. Each class lasts between 2 hours and 2 and a half hours, and the periodicity of the classes is every 15 days, resulting in, 2 classes per month. This is a good rhythm to allow the integration of the energies and energetic level reached at each class. It also allows for the students to practice the Initiations on their own in the periods in between classes, to practice the new learnings, and to perform adjustments in the way of living: to adjust your lifestyle as a result of the insights received from your own Self and the progress that you made. The total duration of the course is 6 months.

Prerequisite: to acquire the book Pleiadian Initiations of Light channeled by Christine Day before the beginning of the course.

If you are interested in taking the course Pleiadian Initiations of Light, please fill out the Registration Form.

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