Our purpose

We are devoted to promote well being by providing tools for your awakening –> to move into a conscious state of what/who we are in essence: Divine Beings in human form. This means realizing the Light and Love nature of our Self, our natural abundance, our full potential to create a meaningful fulfilling life for ourselves and others around us, a luscious lifestyle.

By consciously choosing to be present in every now moment of our lives, we become connected to the depths of ourselves, our Essence and our human nature. We start to awake. Anchored in our Essence we start to be able to hold our humanity with love and compassion, allowing for a gentle process of development and growth. We become capable of choosing to act, instead of automatically reacting, when experiencing the myriad of situations every now moment has to offer. We start to feel and realize that we are all connected in a deep and most fundamental level, we are entangled, using Physics language.

Thus, we become able of conscious compassionate action towards ourselves and others, supporting and becoming a source for collective human awakening. Awaken we start to create a world in which fraternity, love and compassion are the main mode of interaction.

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