Awakening Tools

These are resources to help our development and support us taking the necessary steps towards ourselves to be able to embrace life more fully.

We live in fortunate times, of transformation in a global scale. There is great assortment of tools available designed to promote awakening of our consciousness from a sleep like state, in which we are governed by reaction and behavior patterns we learned at the early stages of our life and/or bring from other lifetimes, to a state in which we are present in the moment and capable of making conscious choices for our highest good, the highest good of the other and highest good of all.

The awakening tools we have to offer are in form of inspirational texts, sharing space, courses and private healing sessions:

  • Inspirational text: these are short, medium and long messages designed to inspire you to overcame practical and sophisticated issues that may be blocking you to live your dream.
  • Sharing space: is a space where we share some personal experience that may aid you in your path and where you can also share with us some of your experiences and personal wisdom that may benefit others.
  • Japanese Reiki
  • Magnified Healing®
  • Frequencies of Brilliance
  • Manna
  • Luscious Lifestyle
  • Some Physics Concepts
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